Kabul of Past

Today Kabul presents a picture of a city of terror, fear and backwordness, the city was not like this here are some pictures of the past of Kabul published by BBC. Pictures courtesy Hulton Archives Getty images

Despite the internal unrest and civil wars and outside attacks during the early 20th century Kabul was well on the path advancement this picture shows the Kabul in 1929

In 1955 stealing became very common in Kabul, this picture shows a woman coming to report burglary with her modern style atire.

1962 a combination of old and new women were seen in both Burqa and Skirt

In 1962 Kabul medical college had women professors as well as the female students

A bric backing factory in the outskirts of Kabul was working day & night to fulfill the demand of new construction

Female students in Kabul 1975

Plaza Hotel Kabul in 1975

In 1978 women wearing skirts was not un-common

1979 worker women chanting slogans with their male labor for rights