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Things to Pack

Dari Phrases
Chetor Hasten?
----------------------------How are you?
Khoob Astam.
----------------------------I am well.
Naam-e-ma _________ ast.
----------------------------My name is ____________.
Naam-e-shoma cheest?
----------------------------What is your name?
----------------------------Good Day
----------------------------Good Evening (upon departing)
Shab Bakhair
----------------------------Good Evening (upon departing)
Khoda Hafiz
----------------------------Good Bye
----------------------------Good Bye
Khosh Amaden
Na faameedum
----------------------------I don’t understand
----------------------------I understand
----------------------------Do you understand?
Me Taanum
----------------------------I can
Na Me Taanum
----------------------------I can’t
----------------------------Thank you
Khaahesh Mekonam
----------------------------You are welcome
Quabel-e-Tashakor Nayst
----------------------------Don’t’ mention it
Khosh shodam az mahrefee tan.
----------------------------I am pleased to meet you.
----------------------------I am sorry or excuse me
Tushna astam.
----------------------------I am thirsty.
Aab may khayum.
----------------------------I want water.
Gushna astam.
----------------------------I am hungry.
Naan may khayum.
----------------------------I want food.
Naan bokhorem.
----------------------------Lets eat.
Chand ast?
----------------------------How much is it?
Paysa nadarum.
----------------------------I don’t have any money.
Oh-qhadar paysa nadarum.
----------------------------I don’t have THAT much money.
Zan or Khanum
Zanha or Khanumha
Zeeya tar
Kam tar
----------------------------That’s enough.

Medical Emergencies
The best places to visit in case of a medical emergency include the Emergency Hospital located near the UNAMA Compound in Shahre Now and the German Field Hospital and the Czech Hospital at the ISAF base on the Jalalabad road. In an emergency make sure your colleagues know your evacuation plan and have your health details available..

Safety Tips
1) Only you are responsible for your safety. Your actions will determine your future.

2) At all times, trust the judgement of the guides and staff of Kabul City Tours. Each member of our staff is experienced and professional and will make decisions to ensure your safety and comfort.

3) Avoid behavior likely to arouse suspicion. Do not take photos where it is restricted, such as pictures of military personnel and compounds. Try to enjoy yourself and be yourself.

4) If there is danger, avoid the instinct to see what is going on. Do not expose yourself and follow the instructions of your guide.

The official currency of Afghanistan is the Afghani. The exchange rate fluctuates on a daily bases but ranges anywhere from $1=35000 afghani to $1=59000 afghani. New notes have been printed and it is recommended to exchange at least $50-$100 initially when you first arrive. If you need more, there will be plenty of opportunity to exchange your money later. The US dollar is accepted in most restaurants and shops. Travellers checks are not recommended and credit cards are not accepted at all.

Travel as lightly as possible. There is a big decrease in weight allowance from a major international airline to Ariana. Ariana allows only 20 Kilograms compared to 70 kilograms on other airlines. Its is very likely that you will have to pay excess baggage fees when you transfer your luggage to Ariana Airlines. If you are traveling through Dubai, please make sure to pick up your bags and re-check them in at the Ariana counter to ensure that they get on the flight.

The weather in Kabul is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Dress in layers and keep the following in mind as you pack: versatility, modesty and neatness. Laundry service is provided at an additional cost of $5 for your entire stay. For women, it is a good idea to have a head scarf on you at all times, even though it is not required that you wear it. At times, out of respect for the culture, it is important to have it on. Examples are when you visit ministries or other diplomatic officials.

Electric Currents
Because there is no stable electricity, we do not recommend that you bring too many electrical items with you. For Kabul, the electricity currents are 220V, 15Hz.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) requires that you up-to-date on Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccinations. You will also be required to have Hepatitis B vaccinations if you are visiting for more than 4 weeks. In addition, the CDC recommends that you take anti-malarial medication prior to your departure. Taking care of yourself is the best protection from getting sick. Part of this is getting enough rest and being careful not to eat foods off the street. The most common afflictions for visitors are mild diarrhea and sunstroke. Make sure to bring sunscreen and drink a lot of water.

Things to Pack
Extra passport photos
Some form of identification other than your passport and a photocopy of the vital statistics page (front page) of your passport
Money belt to carry your money, plane ticket and passport
Any medication you use, packaged in its own container
Tissues, Shampoo, Toothbrush/Toothpaste
Sun-hat, visor, sunglasses and sunscreen
Mini travel alarm clock
Moist towelettes/Hand Sanitizer Lotions
Pepto Bismol
Pain Reliever such as Tylenol, Aspirin or Advil
Anti-Diahrrea Medication
Notebook and pens
Plenty of Film
Tape Recorder for taping interviews
Contact Lens, cleaning kit, prescription glasses
Tampons or Sanitary Napkins
Wash Cloth
Extra Batteries for camera
Book to read during your flight
Insect Repellent
Day Pack
Poster Tube, if you want to buy art work or posters
Ear plugs, if you are a light sleeper
Locks for luggage
Sweater or Jacket for cold evenings
A good pair of walking shoes (A MUST!!!)
Donations such as pens, candy, or pins