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Afghanistan probably the most well known destination that has been out of reach for years now offer opportunities for travelers around the world to explore its beauty and culture. Our tours offers an exploration into a nation in flux, a nation working to define itself as it recovers from a brutal regime and years of discord. With these tours we offer a short stay in Pakistan to take advantage of the ideal flight connections between Islamabad and Kabul - providing the opportunity to stop and enjoy Pakistan for those wishing to take advantage.

Alexander the Great, the Moghuls and the British have all entered Afghanistan via the beautiful Khyber Pass and even with the current developments in Afghanistan; the Khyber Pass continues to play the frontier role.



Travel & Culture Services is your premier source for Tours in Afghanistan. Browse thru this web site and learn what Afghanistan has to offer. We can cater for you special tours in Afghanistan however Afghanistan being a very rarely traveled destination every tour has to be dealt with individual basis and average price of the tours is prety high compared to other destinations.

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